US Patent No. 9,337,604


Patent No. 9,337,604
Issue Date May 10, 2016
Title Carbon Dioxide Gas Laser Oscillator Which Can Estimate Composition Ratio Of Laser Gas
Inventorship Tetsuhisa Takazane, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee Fanuc Corporation, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,337,604

1. A laser gas estimation device which estimates a composition ratio of laser gas mainly composed of one or a plurality of
carbon dioxide gas, nitrogen gas, and helium gas, the laser gas estimation device comprising:
a laser oscillator enclosing the laser gas and comprising a ventilator which circulates the laser gas, a discharge tube, a
ventilator power unit which supplies power to the ventilator, and a discharge tube power unit which supplies power to the
discharge tube;

a detection unit which detects at least one of a gas pressure of the laser gas enclosed in the laser oscillator, a ventilator
voltage applied to the ventilator, a ventilator current supplied to the ventilator, a discharge tube voltage applied to the
discharge tube, and a discharge tube current supplied to the discharge tube;

a composition ratio estimation unit which estimates the composition ratio of the laser gas based on a detected value detected
by the detection unit; and

a storage unit which stores a relationship between at least one of the gas pressure, the ventilator voltage, the ventilator
current, the discharge tube voltage, and the discharge tube current, and the composition ratio of the laser gas, wherein

the composition ratio estimation unit estimates the composition ratio corresponding to the detected value using the relationship
stored in the storage unit.