US Patent No. 9,332,612


Patent No. 9,332,612
Issue Date May 03, 2016
Title System And Method For Rapidly Generating Color Models For Led-based Lamps
Inventorship Matthew D. Weaver, Aptos, CA (US)
Assignee LUMENETIX, INC., Scotts Valley, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,332,612

1. A computer-implemented method of generating a color model to drive a color tunable lamp having multiple color channels,
the method comprising:
selecting a reference light source type for the color model to emulate at a target color point produced by the reference light
source types defined by a color parameter;

computing reference tristimulus values of the reference light source including tristimulus values corresponding to specific
color cards;

measuring spectral power over sample steps in an operating range at one or more temperature points of each color channel in
the color tunable lamp;

generating a source state record of the each color channel including component tristimulus values of the each color channel;
dividing the multiple color channels into one or more non-floating channels and one or more floating channels;
traversing in steps through operating points of the non-floating channels corresponding to the source state record to inversely
solve for lumens values of the floating channels by assuming the non-floating channels are set to specific operating points
according to each step in the traversing;

defining the color model based on the inversely solved lumens values when a gamut area, defined by the floating channels at
the inversely solved lumens values;

wherein the non-floating channels at the specific operating points according to the each step includes the target color point.