US Patent No. 9,325,066


Patent No. 9,325,066
Issue Date April 26, 2016
Title Communication Device And Method For Designing Antenna Element Thereof
Inventorship Kin-Lu Wong, Kaohsiung (TW)
Hsuan-Jui Chang, Taichung (TW)
Wei-Yu Li, Yilan (TW)
Chun-Yih Wu, Taipei (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,325,066

1. A communication device, comprising:
a ground plane, embedded with a notch at an edge thereof, having at least a first edge and a second edge at the notch; and
an antenna element, disposed at the notch, having at least a first operating frequency band and a second operating frequency
band higher than the first operating frequency band, the antenna element comprising:

a first conductive portion, having a starting terminal as a feeding terminal of the antenna element, wherein the feeding terminal
is electrically coupled to the first edge of the notch via a signal source, and a capacitive coupling portion is formed between
an end terminal of the first conductive portion and the second edge of the ground plane; and

a second conductive portion, having a shorting terminal, electrically coupled or connected to the second edge of the notch,
wherein the first and second edges of the notch are located on different sides and the first edge has a length greater than
a length of the second edge,

wherein the shorting terminal and the feeding terminal are respectively located near two end points of a diagonal line of
the notch, and the first conductive portion extends along the first edge to the second edge, and the capacitive coupling portion
makes the first conductive portion and the first edge of the ground plane forming an equivalent loop resonant structure,

wherein the equivalent loop resonant structure forms an excitation source of the second conductive portion, and the excitation
source excites the second conductive portion for resonance to generate the first and second operating frequency bands of the
antenna element, and the excitation source formed by the equivalent loop resonant structure utilizes the first edge, the second
edge or another edge of the notch as a part of current resonant paths of the second conductive portion,

wherein the second conductive portion has a length smaller than one-fifth wavelength of a lowest operating frequency of a
lowest communication system band covered by the first operating frequency band.