US Patent No. 9,318,820


Patent No. 9,318,820
Issue Date April 19, 2016
Title Connector For Multi-layered Board
Inventorship Toshihiro Niitsu, Machida (JP)
Motohisa Haga, Yamato (JP)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,318,820

1. A connector for a multilayered board, the connector comprising:
a board-side connecting portion, the board-side connecting portion being arranged inside an insertion slot, the insertion
slot being formed on a board-thickness surface of the multilayered board; and

a cable-side connecting portion, the cable-side connecting portion being provided on the tip of a flat cable and inserted
into the insertion slot to be connected electrically to the board-side connecting portion in a middle layer of the multilayered

wherein one of the board-side connecting portion or the cable-side connecting portion includes a column-shaped terminal, and
the other including a flat terminal, the column-shaped terminal protruding from the middle layer of the multilayered board
or from the tip of the flat cable in the thickness direction of the multilayered board or the flat cable;

the flat terminal including a resilient contact portion, the contact portion contacting a side surface portion of the column-shaped
terminal from the width direction of the insertion slot in response to insertion of the cable-side connecting portion into
the insertion slot.