US Patent No. 9,316,270


Patent No. 9,316,270
Issue Date April 19, 2016
Title Clutch Control Device In Power Unit For Vehicle
Inventorship Toshimasa Mitsubori, Wako (JP)
Takamori Shirasuna, Wako (JP)
Eiji Kittaka, Wako (JP)
Assignee HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,316,270

1. A clutch control device, comprising:
a pair of hydraulic clutches configured to switch between connection and disconnection of power transmission according to
changes in oil pressure of hydraulic chambers;

a hydraulic control solenoid valve configured to control pressure of a hydraulic oil from an oil pump;
a single switching valve configured to alternatively select the hydraulic chambers of the pair of hydraulic clutches to be
supplied with the hydraulic oil from the hydraulic control solenoid valve;

a shift solenoid valve configured to control operation of the single switching valve; and
a solenoid body attached to an outer surface side of a clutch cover attached to an engine main body covering the pair of hydraulic

wherein the pair of hydraulic clutches is interposed midway in a power transmission system between a crankshaft of an internal
combustion engine and a driving wheel, and

wherein the hydraulic control solenoid valve, the single switching valve, and the shift solenoid valve are attached to the
solenoid body.