US Patent No. 9,313,801


Patent No. 9,313,801
Issue Date April 12, 2016
Title Resource Setting Control For Transmission Using Contention Based Resources
Inventorship Kari Juhani Hooli, Oulu (FI)
Esa Tapani Tiirola, Kempele (FI)
Kari Pekka Pajukoski, Oulu (FI)
Assignee Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy, Espoo (FI)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,313,801

1. A method comprising
setting resources for a data transmission between a user equipment and a base transceiver station;
combining a resource dedicated to the user equipment with at least one contention based resource allocated to a contention
based transmission by the user equipment resulting in the dedicated resource acting as a preamble for the contention based
resource for the data transmission,

wherein the combining comprises:
selecting the at least one contention based resource to be combined by
executing a mapping according to a predetermined rule and based on an information indicating a specific resource element dedicated
to the user equipment to at least one set of available contention based resources, and

determining an information identifying at least one resource element of the at least one contention based resource.