US Patent No. 9,309,005


Patent No. 9,309,005
Issue Date April 12, 2016
Title Fastener Assembly
Inventorship Martin Geoffrey Warren, Bristol (GB)
Phillip Vincent Teague, Bristol (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,309,005

1. A fastener assembly for attaching a bracket to an inner surface of a skin of an aircraft wing, comprising a bolt having
a shaft and a bolt retaining member threadingly cooperating with the shaft to retain the bolt in a position in which it extends
through a hole in the skin of the aircraft wing, a collar freely locates over the bolt retaining member received on the shaft
to form an enclosed space around the bolt retaining member, the collar having a recess to contain plasma generated by out-gassing
due to electromagnetic energy tracking along a clearance gap present between the bolt and the skin of the aircraft wing through
which the bolt extends, wherein the collar has an aperture therein for the shaft to extend freely therethrough and an upper
mounting face to receive the bracket, and a collar and bracket retaining member threadingly cooperating with a portion of
the shaft protruding through the collar to attach the bracket and the collar to said inner surface of the skin of the aircraft