US Patent No. 9,302,358


Patent No. 9,302,358
Issue Date April 05, 2016
Title Chamber Elements And A Method For Placing A Chamber At A Load Position
Inventorship Igor Krayvitz (Krivts), Rehovot (IL)
Israel Avneri, Ramat Gan (IL)
Yoram Uziel, Post Misgav (IL)
Natan Schlimoff, Rehovot (IL)
Gilad Schwartz, Meishar (IL)
Yochanan Madmon, Kiryan Epron (IL)
Assignee Applied Materials Israel, Ltd., Rehovot (IL)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,302,358

1. Chamber elements defining a chamber to be utilized during a stage selected from a group consisting of a manufacturing stage
of a device and an inspection stage of the device, the chamber elements comprising:
a first element having a first surface;
a second element having an outer floating element that comprises a second surface about a periphery of said chamber, and further
having an inner floating element;

a first dynamic seal arranged to maintain predefined conditions in said chamber during relative movement between said first
element and said second element when said chamber is closed; and

a load mechanism, arranged to position the chamber in a load position in which the inner floating element is moved from the
outer floating element until a gap exists between an upper surface of the inner floating element and a bottom surface of the
outer floating element, the gap allowing loading of the device to the chamber or unloading of the device from the chamber,
and arranged to close the chamber, the second surface and the first surface being maintained proximate to each other when
the chamber is in the load position and when the chamber is closed;

wherein the chamber elements are operable to partially surround a first portion of a movement system, said movement system
arranged to generate said relative movement between said first element and said second element.