US Patent No. 9,302,287


Patent No. 9,302,287
Issue Date April 05, 2016
Title Irrigation Sprinkler With Debris Flushing Perforated Riser
Inventorship Richard M. Dunn, Carlsbad, CA (US)
David W. Davidson, Del Mar (CA)
Assignee Hunter Industries, Inc., San Marcos, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,302,287

1. A sprinkler, comprising:
an outer case having an upper end;
a tubular riser telescopically mounted in the outer case for extension and retraction from the upper end of the case, the
riser having an upper portion with a sediment basin and a plurality of circumferentially spaced apertures communicating with
the sediment basin and sized to allow debris to be carried through the apertures with flowing water;

a riser seal positioned and configured to substantially prevent water from escaping between the riser and the outer case when
the riser is extended;

a drive assembly mounted inside the riser including a drive shaft that is co-axially mounted at an upper end of the riser
and rotates when pressurized water is supplied to the outer case;

a cylindrical nozzle housing co-axially coupled to the drive shaft and rotatable relative to the riser, the nozzle housing
being positioned and configured to define a gap between an outer cylindrical wall of the nozzle housing and a complementary
outer cylindrical wall of the tubular riser; and

the apertures in the upper portion of the riser intersecting the gap and being configured and sized to receive pressurized
water there through below the riser seal when the riser is retracted, wherein the apertures comprise a plurality of axially
extending slots, and wherein the slots have a circumferential width of between about four degrees and about six degrees.