US Patent No. 9,299,307


Patent No. 9,299,307
Issue Date March 29, 2016
Title Image Display Devices, Image Display Systems, And Image Signal Processing Methods
Inventorship Takashi Hiraga, Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,299,307

1. An image display device that is provided with a display panel having a plurality of pixels and that scans said plurality
of pixels in a predetermined scanning sequence and draws an image, the image display device comprising:
a detection section that identifies a moving region contained in an image corresponding to an input image signal composed
of a plurality of frames and detects a moving distance and a moving direction for and in which the moving region moves;

a correction section that corrects said image signal based on a detected result of said detection section and the scanning
sequence in which individual pixels in said moving region are scanned; and

a drive section that scans said plurality of pixels in said scanning sequence based on a corrected image signal that is an
image signal corrected by said correction section and that draws a corrected image corresponding to said corrected image signal,

wherein said plurality of pixels are arranged in a matrix shape,
wherein said drive section scans said plurality of pixels of pixel lines each of which includes pixels arranged in a predetermined

wherein said detection section detects a region that moves in said predetermined direction for each of said pixel lines as
said moving region,

wherein said correction section corrects said image signal such that the moving region of each of said pixel lines is shifted
in said moving direction for a corrected distance corresponding to said moving distance and said scanning sequence,

wherein said detection section compares a predetermined frame of said image signal with a next frame immediately preceded
by said predetermined frame and detects a moving region that occurs from said predetermined frame as said moving region until
said next frame, and

wherein said correction section corrects said image signal such that said moving region in said predetermined frame is shifted
and such that pixel values of a blank region that occurs before the moving region includes shifted match pixel values of the
same blank region of said next frame.