US Patent No. 9,291,546


Patent No. 9,291,546
Issue Date March 22, 2015
Title Observed Portion Fixing Apparatus And Microscope
Inventorship Eiji Nakasho, Kyoto (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,291,546

1. An observed portion fixing apparatus, comprising:
an immersion liquid retainer used for an observation made with a microscope including an immersion objective, the immersion
liquid retainer including:

an immersion liquid retaining part including a concave part configured to retain an immersion liquid, and a transparent flat
plate which forms a bottom of the concave part, and

a fixing part arranged under the immersion liquid retaining part, the fixing part having a first penetration hole for viewing
an observed portion of a specimen, and the fixing part being configured to be fixed to the specimen,

wherein the immersion liquid retaining part is joined to the fixing part or formed integrally with the fixing part such that
the transparent flat plate covers the first penetration hole; and

a support part provided on a stage where the specimen is placed, the support part supporting the immersion liquid retainer,
the support part including:

a support part main body provided on the stage,
an arm part for supporting the immersion liquid retainer extending from the support part main body, and
a driving unit for moving the immersion liquid retainer relatively to the stage.