US Patent No. 9,291,106


Patent No. 9,291,106
Issue Date March 22, 2015
Title Cam Phaser Control
Inventorship Joshua P. Switkes, Menlo Park, CA (US)
Xin Yuan, Palo Alto, CA (US)
Matthew A. Younkins, San Jose, CA (US)
Assignee TULA TECHNOLOGY, INC., San Jose, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,291,106

1. A method of controlling the phase of an adjustable phase camshaft relative to a crankshaft of an engine, wherein the adjustable
phase camshaft is utilized to actuate at least one engine valve, the method comprising utilizing knowledge of at least one
(i) firing events in a skip fire firing sequence, and
(ii) dynamically determined valve actuation events,in the control of a cam phase adjustment device in a manner that maintains the phase of the adjustable phase camshaft more
stable at a consistent commanded camshaft position through transitory variations in torque applied to the adjustable phase
camshaft by the actuation of the at least one engine valve than would occur without such control.