US Patent No. 9,290,099


Patent No. 9,290,099
Issue Date March 22, 2015
Title Battery Charging Apparatus For Vehicle
Inventorship Yutaka Sonoda, Wako (JP)
Katsuhiro Ouchi, Wako (JP)
Kazuhiko Ono, Wako (JP)
Assignee HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,290,099

1. A battery charging apparatus for a vehicle comprising:
a position sensor for outputting a position detection signal that expresses a rotational position of a rotor of a three-phase
AC generator;

a sensor for detecting an output current or an output voltage of a predetermined phase of the three-phase AC generator;
a regulator including a plurality of rectifying elements and a plurality of switching elements for supplying DC power obtained
by rectifying three-phase AC outputted from the three-phase AC generator to a battery; and

a control circuit for executing energization control of the respective switching elements of the regulator based on a phase
of an induced voltage of the three-phase AC generator calculated on the basis of the position detection signal,

wherein the control circuit includes:
input means for inputting a revolution speed signal showing the revolution speed of the three-phase AC generator, the position
detection signal, and either an output signal out of a current signal or a voltage signal detected by the sensor; and

estimate means for estimating an error of an attaching position of the position sensor with respect to the induced voltage
of the predetermined phase based on the position detection signal and the output signal.