US Patent No. 9,287,640


Patent No. 9,287,640
Issue Date March 15, 2016
Title Compliant Pin With Improved Insertion Capabilities
Inventorship Christopher D. Hirschy, Conway, AR (US)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,287,640

1. A connector comprising:
a connector housing;
a plurality of conductive terminals, each terminal being supported by the connector housing, each terminal including a terminal
mating portion disposed at one end thereof for mating to a terminal of an opposing connector, a terminal mounting portion
disposed at an opposite end thereof for insertion into a hole disposed in a circuit board, and a terminal body portion interconnecting
the terminal mating and terminal mounting portions together, at least one of the terminal mounting portions including a compliant
pin, each compliant pin including:

a pin base portion,
a pin tip portion, the pin tip portion being interconnected to the pin base portion by a pin body portion, and
a pin opening, the pin opening being disposed in the pin body portion, the pin opening having a top end and a bottom end and
extending lengthwise within the pin body portion such that the top end is situated beneath a top surface of the circuit board
when the connector is mounted to the circuit board; and

a plurality of standoff portions, each standoff portion flanking one compliant pin and extending in the same direction as
the compliant pin, each standoff portion including a bottom edge that defines an interface extending along a lower edge of
the housing for contacting the circuit board, and the pin opening top end being disposed beneath the interface when mounted
to the circuit board.