US Patent No. 9,287,534


Patent No. 9,287,534
Issue Date March 15, 2016
Title Rechargeable Battery
Inventorship Duk-Jung Kim, Yongin-si (KR)
Byung-Kyu Ahn, Yongin-si (KR)
Joong-Heon Kim, Yongin-si (KR)
Zin Park, Yongin-si (KR)
Assignee SAMSUNG SDI CO., LTD., Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do (KR) ROBERT BOSCH GmbH, Stu...

Claim of US Patent No. 9,287,534

1. A rechargeable battery, comprising: an electrode assembly including first electrodes and second electrodes; a casing including
a space in which the electrode assembly is embedded; a cap plate combined with the casing; and
a first thin film insulating member fused with the casing and surrounding the casing,
wherein a second thin film insulating member is coated on and covers the cap plate, wherein a top of the first thin film insulating
member includes a fusion part that is bent and fused with the second thin film insulating member.