US Patent No. 9,285,675


Patent No. 9,285,675
Issue Date March 15, 2016
Title Imprint Apparatus
Inventorship Zenichi Hamaya, Utsunomiya (JP)
Noriyasu Hasegawa, Utsunomiya (JP)
Setsuo Yoshida, Saitama (JP)
Yoshihiro Shiode, Utsunomiya (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,285,675

1. An imprint apparatus that molds an uncured resin on a substrate using a mold and cures the resin to thereby form a pattern
of the cured resin on the substrate, the imprint apparatus comprising:
a mold holding unit configured to hold the mold;
a substrate holding unit configured to hold the substrate;
a deforming unit configured to deform the mold held by the mold holding unit into a convex shape toward the substrate;
a driving unit configured to change an attitude of the mold or the substrate during a pressing operation in which the mold
deformed into the convex shape is pressed against the uncured resin to thereby make a position of a contact region at which
the mold is brought into contact with the uncured resin movable;

a measuring unit configured to acquire an image information indicating a state of the contact region; and
a control unit configured to calculate a plane coordinates of a centroid of the contact region based on the image information
and to control an operation of the driving unit such that the plane coordinates position of the centroid is directed toward
the plane coordinates position of the centroid of a pattern-forming region on the substrate, which has been calculated based
on the image information or has been acquired in advance.