US Patent No. 9,283,682


Patent No. 9,283,682
Issue Date March 15, 2016
Title Robot System Having Wireless Acceleration Sensor
Inventorship Shougo Takahashi, Yamanashi (JP)
Takehisa Sera, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee FANUC CORPORATION, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,283,682

1. A robot system comprising:
a robot having a movable part to which a wireless acceleration sensor is attached; and
a robot controller for controlling the robot,
wherein the wireless acceleration sensor comprises:
a timer for carrying out periodic measurement;
an acceleration measuring instrument which measures an acceleration of the movable part of the robot in each period of time
measured by the timer;

an identifying information adding part which adds identifying information to acceleration data measured by the acceleration
measuring instrument, the identifying information representing time series of the acceleration data;

a measurement information storing part which stores the acceleration data to which the identifying information is added;
a data set generating part which generates a data set which includes acceleration data in a plurality of periods of time,
among the acceleration data stored in the measurement information storing part; and

a first wireless communication part which transmits the data set to the robot controller by radio,
wherein the robot controller comprises:
a robot controlling part which operates the robot according to a predetermined operation program;
a second wireless communication part which carries out wireless communication with the first communication part and receives
the data set from the wireless acceleration sensor;

an acceleration data judging part which confirms the identifying information added to the acceleration data contained in the
data set, and judges as to whether the time series of the acceleration data is correctly received; and

a vibration suppression controlling part which calculates a corrected operation command value for correcting an operation
command value of the robot so as to suppress vibration of the robot, based on the operation command value of the robot, an
output value of a pulse encoder of the robot, and the time series of the acceleration data during the robot is operated based
on the operation program, and

wherein the robot controlling part re-executes the operation program using the corrected operation command value.