US Patent No. 9,282,563


Patent No. 9,282,563
Issue Date March 08, 2016
Title Apparatus And Method For Resource Allocation
Inventorship Frank Frederiksen, Klarup (DE)
Esa Tapani Tiirola, Kempele (FI)
Bernhard Raaf, Neuried (DE)
Kari Pekka Pajukoski, Oulu (FI)
Kari Hooli, Oulu (FI)
Assignee Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy, Espoo (FI)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,282,563

1. A method comprising:
utilizing a structure with more than one branch in the resource allocation of physical resource blocks,
each branch comprising one or more starting positions for resource allocation,
each starting position being associated with a cluster of physical resource blocks, the number of starting positions being
different on each branch, the size of the resource clusters of each branch being different,

denoting each resource cluster with a predefined index,
applying one or more clusters allocated to user equipment for uplink transmission, wherein the structure is arranged such
that clusters to be allocated are not overlapping with the allocated one or more clusters,

applying a cluster with an index m to user equipment,
applying a second cluster with an index n-m, where n is the total number of clusters within a branch, and
denoting each available cluster with a predefined index before allocating further clusters to the user equipment.