US Patent No. 9,281,852


Patent No. 9,281,852
Issue Date March 08, 2016
Title Method And Apparatus For Calibrating Time Alignment
Inventorship Qiang Li, Austin, TX (US)
Brian T. Brunn, Bee Cave, TX (US)
Assignee MARVELL WORLD TRADE LTD., St. Michael (BB)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,281,852

1. A method comprising:
setting a circuit to a mode;
providing a test tone having a first frequency to the circuit for use in calibrating the circuit;
generating an envelope signal according to the test tone;
generating, using an amplifier, an output signal corresponding to the test tone, wherein a power supply voltage of the amplifier
is controlled according to the envelope signal;

generating a received signal based on the output signal of the circuit, wherein the received signal includes a component having
a second frequency that is a harmonic of the first frequency;

determining a magnitude of the component having the second frequency in the received signal; and
adjusting a delay of the circuit corresponding to the mode according to the magnitude of the component.