US Patent No. 9,275,260


Patent No. 9,275,260
Issue Date March 01, 2016
Title Low Profile Connector
Inventorship Foong-Ching Soo, Singapore (SG)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,275,260

1. An electrical connector for mounting on a circuit board, comprising:
a housing having a spacer;
a plurality of first terminals supported by the housing;
a cage engaged with the housing, the cage and the housing together configured to be supported on the circuit board and the
spacer being spaced apart from the circuit board, so as to together define a first slot positioned above the spacer and a
receiving space positioned under the spacer and being adjacent to the circuit board, and one of the housing and the cage forming
two first inner wall surfaces defining two side boundaries of the first slot and two second inner wall surfaces defining two
side boundaries of the receiving space, the two first inner wall surfaces and the two second inner wall surfaces extending
respectively along a card insertion direction; and

a terminal block comprising an insulative plate and a plurality of second terminals supported by the insulative plate, the
terminal block configured to be positioned in the receiving space and spaced apart from the two second inner wall surfaces,
the insulative plate being parallel to and spaced apart from the spacer so as to form a second slot in the receiving space,
wherein the housing further comprises a side wall and a switch unit provided to the side wall, the side wall further has a
mounting space receiving the switch unit and a through hole extending from an end face of the side wall along the card insertion
direction and extending into the mounting space, a pin-like element can be inserted into the through hole so as to enable
the switch unit and wherein the switch unit comprises an abutting portion formed to the cage and a resilient terminal fixed
in the housing, the resilient terminal can be enabled by the pin-like element so as to change a contact state between the
resilient terminal and the abutting portion.