US Patent No. 9,272,791


Patent No. 9,272,791
Issue Date March 01, 2016
Title Aircraft Refuel System Piping
Inventorship Susan Elizabeth Brennan, Dundalk (IE)
Clive French, Nottingham (GB)
James Dudley Clark, Leeds (GB)
Assignee Airbus Operations Limited, Bristol (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,272,791

1. A pipe for an aircraft refuel system, the pipe comprising:
an outer section making up a pipe wall, the pipe wall having an outer pipe wall surface and an inner pipe wall surface,
a surface texture on the inner pipe wall surface, the surface texture comprising projections projecting inwards from the inner
pipe wall surface towards a center of the pipe, wherein the cross sectional shape of at least one of the projections varies—along
the length of the projection, and wherein the peak of at least one projection varies position transversely with respect to
the projection, along the length of the projection, such that the peak of the at least one projection undulates sideways along
the pipe.