US Patent No. 9,272,275


Patent No. 9,272,275
Issue Date March 01, 2016
Title Method And System For The Selective Oxidative Decarboxylation Of Fatty Acids
Inventorship Bryan J. Holmes, Burlington, VT (US)
Alexander Wurthmann, Burlington, VT (US)
Assignee University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, Burlington, VT (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,272,275

1. A method of selectively decarboxylating a fatty acid comprising:
providing a fatty acid feedstock and an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide, wherein the fatty acid feedstock comprises
fatty acids having a carboxyl group;

generating a water soluble oxidant by a photo-Fenton reaction of the hydrogen peroxide in the presence of light;
contacting the water soluble oxidant with the fatty acid,
wherein the fatty acids are selectively decarboxylated by the water soluble oxidant to remove the carboxyl group from the
fatty acid and a selectively decarboxylated product is produced, wherein the selectively decarboxylated product is a hydrocarbon
corresponding to the non-carboxyl group portion of the fatty acids; and

isolating the selectively decarboxylated product,
wherein a water/oil interface is formed between the water soluble oxidant and the fatty acid feedstock, and wherein the fatty
acids in the fatty acid feedstock are oriented such that the carboxyl groups of the fatty acids at the water/oil interface
prevent contact between the oxidant and non-carboxyl groups of the fatty acid feedstock.