US Patent No. 9,270,042


Patent No. 9,270,042
Issue Date February 23, 2016
Title Card Connector
Inventorship Yuji Naito, Yamato (JP)
Mitsuhiro Tomita, Yamato (JP)
Hideo Nagasawa, Naka-gun (JP)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,270,042

1. A card connector, the card connector comprising:
a housing for housing a card, the housing including a terminal member;
a connecting terminal, the connecting terminal being attached to the housing, the connecting terminal being connected to the
terminal member;

a cover member, the cover member being connected to the housing and attached to a substrate, the cover member forming a card
housing space between the housing, the cover member including a top panel part, a plurality of side panel parts and at least
one anchoring tab, each side panel part disposed on an edge of the top panel part, each anchoring tab extending from a bottom
edge of one of the side panel parts and connected to a pad being disposed on the substrate; and

first and second heat transfer enhancing members, the first heat transfer enhancing member extending from the cover member
from the bottom edge of the side part and the second heat transfer member extending along the housing, the second heat transfer
enhancing member including a main body portion attached to the housing, an arm portion extending from a front end of the main
body portion, a tail portion extending from a rear end of the main body portion and a connecting portion that connects to
a tip end of the arm portion.