US Patent No. 9,269,969


Patent No. 9,269,969
Issue Date February 23, 2016
Title Fuel Cell Stack
Inventorship Tsuyoshi Kobayashi, Utsunomiya (JP)
Tadashi Nishiyama, Sakura (JP)
Kimiharu Mizusaki, Utsunomiya (JP)
Eri Terada, Utsunomiya (JP)
Takashi Kuwayama, Utsunomiya (JP)
Hiroaki Ohta, Utsunomiya (JP)
Assignee Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,269,969

1. A fuel cell stack comprising:
a stack body formed by stacking power generation cells in a stacking direction, the power generation cells each including
a membrane electrode assembly and a separator, the membrane electrode assembly including a pair of electrodes and an electrolyte
interposed between the electrodes;

terminal plates, insulating members, and end plates provided at both ends of the stack body in the stacking direction;
wherein at least one of the insulating members has a recess at an end opened toward the stack body; and
a heat insulating member and the terminal plate are placed in the recess, wherein the heat insulating member includes a corrugated
metal plate, and wherein the recess is sized and dimensioned to completely mount the terminal plate and the heat insulating