US Patent No. 9,267,427


Patent No. 9,267,427
Issue Date February 23, 2016
Title Variable Geometry Turbine Vane
Inventorship Harold Huimin Sun, West Bloomfield, MI (US)
Liangjun Hu, Dearborn, MI (US)
Ben Zhao, Beijing (CN)
Dave R. Hanna, Troy, MI (US)
Assignee Ford Global Technologies, LLC, Dearborn, MI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,267,427

19. A method of controlling exhaust gas flowing through a turbine of a turbocharger, comprising:
during engine braking, expanding exhaust gas through a variable geometry nozzle of the turbocharger; and
disrupting flow via flow disrupting grooves on a surface of nozzle vanes upstream from exhaust vanes of the turbocharger,
wherein the surface of the nozzle vanes faces turbine blades.