US Patent No. 9,264,171


Patent No. 9,264,171
Issue Date February 16, 2016 
Title Multi-mode Fiber-based Optical Transmission/reception Apparatus
Inventorship Sun-Hyok Chang, Daejeon (KR)
Hwan-Seok Chung, Daejeon (KR)
Assignee Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Daejeon (KR)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,264,171

1. An optical transmission apparatus comprising:
a transmission light source configured to generate single-mode light of a specific wavelength;
a power coupler configured to split the light generated by the transmission light source into a plurality of light sections;
at least one modulator configured to modulate an electrical signal carrying different data into at least one optical signal
using the light section from the power coupler; and

a mode multiplexer configured to convert the modulated optical signal into a different mode, and transmit the mode-converted
optical signal to a fiber,

wherein the mode multiplexer comprises:
a multi-core fiber with a same number of cores as a number of modes to be multiplexed, the cores extending in parallel to
each other, and

a waveguide connecting the multi-core fiber and the fiber, and having a same number of cores as a number of modes to be multiplexed
with gaps therebetween decreasing toward an exit end of the waveguide.