US Patent No. 9,262,995


Patent No. 9,262,995
Issue Date February 16, 2016 
Title Image Projection Apparatus And Control Method Therefor
Inventorship Nobuhide Fujioka, Tokyo (JP)
Assignee NEC Display Solutions, Ltd., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,262,995

1. An image projection apparatus for projecting an image represented by an input image signal, comprising:
a light source that outputs coherent light;
a phase modulator that performs phase modulation on the light output from said light source to create a Fourier transform

an amplitude modulator that performs amplitude modulation on the Fourier transform image in accordance with said image signal;
a projection optical system that projects the light that has been amplitude modulated by said amplitude modulator; and,
a controller that divides the image represented by the image signal into a plurality of divided images, determines a target
luminance value of each of areas of the Fourier transform image that is divided corresponding to the division of the image,
based on said image signal of the divided image corresponding to an area, and outputs phase data indicating an amount of phase
modulation on the output light from said light source so as to make a luminance value of each area of the Fourier transform
image acquire the target luminance value of the associated area.