US Patent No. 9,257,794


Patent No. 9,257,794
Issue Date February 09, 2016 
Title High Speed Bypass Cable For Use With Backplanes
Inventorship Christopher D. Wanha, Dublin, CA (US)
Brian Keith Lloyd, Maumelle, AR (US)
Ebrahim Abunasrah, Little Rock, AR (US)
Rehan Khan, Little Rock, AR (US)
Javier Resendez, Streamwood, IL (US)
Michael Rost, Lisle, IL (US)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,257,794

1. A bypass cable assembly, comprising:
a chip package supported on a circuit board;
a cable including an insulative body portion with pairs of associated signal conductors extending lengthwise through the insulative
body portion, the signal conductors of each pair being separated by a first spacing, and a ground member associated with each
pair of signal conductors, the ground member and signal conductors having opposing first and second free ends, and first free
ends of the ground member and signal conductors being terminated to circuits on the circuit board and communicating with the
chip package; and

a connector, the connector including an insulative body that supports a plurality of first and second terminals in a row,
each of the first and second terminals including contact and tail portions disposed at opposite ends thereof, the signal conductors
at the second ends of the wires contacting corresponding first terminal tail portions of the connector, and the ground member
contacting corresponding second terminal tail portions of the connector, the connector first and second terminals being further
arranged in a pattern, whereby pairs of the first terminals in the row are separated from other pairs of the first terminals
by at least one intervening second terminal, the connector first terminal tail portions being spaced apart from each other
in a spacing approximating the first spacing between pairs of signal conductors of the cable.