US Patent No. 9,254,593


Patent No. 9,254,593
Issue Date February 09, 2016 
Title Injection Molding Machine
Inventorship Keisuke Sugahara, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee FANUC CORPORATION, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,254,593

1. An injection molding machine which comprises an injection device, a mold clamping device, an electric storage device configured
to supply electric power to the injection device and/or the mold clamping device, and a machine base, wherein
the machine base comprises an upper frame, a lower frame, and support means supporting the upper frame on the lower frame,
the injection device and the mold clamping device are disposed on the upper frame of the machine base,
the electric storage device comprises a case body and a separate electric storage unit housed in the case body and is disposed
on the lower frame of the machine base.