US Patent No. 9,252,838


Patent No. 9,252,838
Issue Date February 02, 2016 
Title Alternative Techniques For Processing Wireless Communication Backhaul
Inventorship Harold Johnson, Roach, MO (US)
Timothy Euler, Leawood, KS (US)
Assignee Sprint Communications Company L.P., Overland Park, KS (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,252,838

1. A computer-implemented method for communicating wireless traffic over a coaxial cable, the method comprising: transmitting,
over the coaxial cable coupled between cable modems and a cable modem terminal station (CMTS) configured to manage the one
or more cable modems in a coaxial network, and the coaxial cable comprising at least two assigned channels for one or more
base stations (BSs) that transmit data between a mobile device and the one or more base stations of a wireless telecommunications
network; and monitoring traffic between the one or more base stations and the wireless telecommunications network via a bandwidth
allocation manager, wherein the bandwidth allocation manager performs the following: processes asymmetric traffic by assigning
more bandwidth to a first channel and less bandwidth to a second channel of the coaxial cable, measures the traffic activity,
and allocates backhaul bandwidth within an assigned backhaul channel for each of the one or more BSs to maximize radio frequency
(RF) channel utilization and minimize wasting RF channel capacity, wherein the first channel is assigned for data traveling
to the mobile device and the second channel is assigned for data traveling from the mobile device; wherein, determination
of an association between a MAC ID from the mobile device and a BS ID from a base station is used to authorize a service reception
of the mobile device at a location of the BS.