US Patent No. 9,252,781


Patent No. 9,252,781
Issue Date February 02, 2016 
Title Oscillator
Inventorship Tomoya Yorita, Saitama (JP)
Assignee NIHON DEMPA KOGYO CO., LTD., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,252,781

1. An oscillator that uses a differential signal corresponding to a difference between an oscillation output f1 of a first
oscillator circuit and an oscillation output f2 of a second oscillator circuit as a temperature detection value, and outputs
a control signal for reducing an influence caused by a temperature characteristic of the oscillation output f1 based on the
differential signal, the oscillator comprising:
a storage unit that stores a parameter for outputting the control signal;
a signal processing unit connected to a first signal path and a second signal path for respectively extracting the signals
f1 and f2, the signal processing unit being configured to obtain the differential signal from the extracted signals f1 and
f2, and output the control signal based on the differential signal and the parameter;

a first connecting terminal and a second connecting terminal for connecting to an external computer;
a frequency reduction unit connected to the first oscillator circuit and the second oscillator circuit, the frequency reduction
unit being configured to output signals having frequencies that respectively correspond to the frequencies of the signals
f1 and f2 and are lower than the frequencies of the signals f1 and f2; and

a switching unit configured to alternately switch between a first state and a second state, the first state being a state
where the first connecting terminal and the second connecting terminal are connected to the storage unit for access of the
external computer to the storage unit, and the second state being a state where the first connecting terminal and the second
connecting terminal are respectively connected to the first signal path and the second signal path via the frequency reduction
unit such that the output signals from the frequency reduction unit are extracted to an external frequency measuring unit.