US Patent No. 9,251,632


Patent No. 9,251,632
Issue Date February 02, 2016 
Title Vehicle Diagnostic System
Inventorship Tatsuro Saito, Wako (JP)
Assignee HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,251,632

1. A vehicle diagnostic system comprising:
a communication bus mounted on a vehicle;
a plurality of controllers for controlling vehicle operations, the controllers being connected with each other through the
communication bus; and

a diagnostic equipment to collect diagnostic information from the controllers through the communication bus and to diagnose
the vehicle operations;

wherein each controller operates both in a normal mode and in a sleep mode, the normal mode being an operation mode in which
all of functions are operational, and the sleep mode being an operation mode in which all of or a part of the functions excluding
at least a function for receiving an wake-up instruction to return to the normal mode through the communication bus are suspended,

wherein at least two of the controllers are configured to send the wake-up instruction to the other controllers in response
to receiving a predetermined signal from the diagnostic equipment,

wherein the diagnostic equipment determines whether each of the controllers is in a state capable of communication, and
wherein the diagnostic equipment selects one controller determined to be in a state capable of communication from the at least
two of the controllers and sends the predetermined signal to the selected one controller.