US Patent No. 9,248,901


Patent No. 9,248,901
Issue Date February 02, 2016 
Title Airframe Structural Element
Inventorship David P Petit, Bristol (GB)
Rizal Hafiz, Bristol (GB)
Assignee Airbus Operations Limited, Bristol (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,248,901

1. An airframe structural element comprising:
an airframe structural part; and
a pipe connector element including a conduit for fluid communication through the airframe structural part, wherein the airframe
structural part and the pipe connector element form a unitary and one-piece component, are integrally formed prior to the
assembly of said airframe structural element into an airframe, and the conduit includes an inner conduit surface configured
to be wetted by a fluid and ends of the conduit which are configured to connect to ends of sections of a pipe.