US Patent No. 9,242,538


Patent No. 9,242,538
Issue Date January 26, 2016 
Title Electrically Driven Vehicle Drive Axle Arrangement
Inventorship Lars Severinsson, Hishult (SE)
Assignee BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems AB, Landskrona (SE)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,242,538

5. A vehicle drive axle comprising: a motor with a hollow motor shaft, a left shaft and a right shaft each in driven connection
with the motor, and a differential mechanism comprising a reduction gearing and a planetary gearing, operatively connecting
the two shafts, wherein the reduction gearing in two stages comprises a drive gear on the hollow motor shaft coaxial with
the left shaft and in engagement with a driven gear on an intermediary shaft, the driven gear having a larger diameter than
the drive gear, as well as a driving gear on the intermediary shaft in gear engagement with an outer ring of the planetary
gearing, the outer ring having a larger diameter than the driving gear.