US Patent No. 9,229,484


Patent No. 9,229,484
Issue Date January 05, 2016 
Title Electronic Apparatus
Inventorship Pai-Feng Chen, Taipei (TW)
Chao-Cheng Shao, Taipei (TW)
Ming-Fu Chen, Taipei (TW)
Tsung-Lin Yang, Taipei (TW)
Chien-Hua Cheng, Taipei (TW)
Chung-Kuo Lai, Taipei (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,229,484

1. An electronic apparatus, comprising:
a first assembly comprising at least one hook and at least one elastic locating member; and
a second assembly comprising at least one hook groove and at least one locating groove,
wherein the second assembly receives the hook of the first assembly by the hook groove along a first assembling direction,
and the second assembly makes the hook engaged to the hook groove along a second assembling direction, wherein when the second
assembly moves relative to the first assembly along the second assembling direction, the elastic locating member gets into
the locating groove, thereby fastening the first assembly and the second assembly.