US Patent No. 9,227,956


Patent No. 9,227,956
Issue Date January 05, 2016 
Title Substituted Amide Compounds
Inventorship Etzer Darout, Cambridge, MA (US)
Robert Dullea, Groton, MA (US)
Julie Jia Li Hawkins, Weston, CT (US)
Allyn T. Londregan, Barrington, RI (US)
Paula M. Loria, Killingworth, CT (US)
Bruce Maguire, Chester, CT (US)
Kim F. McClure, Mystic, CT (US)
Donna N. Petersen, Salem, CT (US)
David W. Piotrowski, Waterford, CT (US)
Assignee Pfizer Inc., New York, NY (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,227,956

1. A compound having Formula I

or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof wherein
R1 is pyrid-2-yl, isoquinolin-1-yl or 1H-pyrrolo[2,3-c]pyridin-7-yl;

R1 is optionally mono- or di-substituted with chloro or (C1-C4)alkyl;

X and Y are independently either N or C(H), provided that at least one of X or Y is C(H);
R2 is H, fluoro, hydroxyl or methyl; R3 is

wherein R6 and R8 are each independently H, methyl, halo or (C1-C4)alkyloxy, provided that only one of R6 and R8 is halo;

wherein R10 and R11 are each independently H, (C1-C4)alkyl or (C3-C5)cycloalkyl; and

wherein R7 is hydroxyl, (C1-C4)alkyloxy, (C1-C4)alkoxycarbonyloxy(C1-C4)alkyloxy, or (C1-C4)alkylcarbonyloxy(C1-C4)alkoxy.