US Patent No. 9,220,178


Patent No. 9,220,178
Issue Date December 22, 2015
Title Secure System For Energy Consuming Device
Inventorship Megan E. Serwacki, Oswego, IL (US)
Victor V. Zaderej, Wheaton, IL (US)
Stephen L. Sheldon, Darien, IL (US)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,220,178

1. A system comprising:
a support structure that includes a base wall, a first wall and a second wall and a groove that opens toward the second wall,
the groove defined by the a first wall and a first lip that extends from the first wall, the support structure providing a
channel that is in communication with an exterior of the support structure;

a first powered contact and a second powered contact supported by the base wall, the first and second powered contacts electrically
separated from the base wall and each other; and

an energy consuming device with a housing positioned in the groove, the energy consuming device including a first terminal
and a second terminal and a magnet configured to urge the housing toward the base wall so that first and second terminals
are respectively in electrical contact with the first and second powered contacts, the energy consumption device being in
communication with an exterior of the support structure via the channel, wherein the housing is configured so as to be non-removable
from the support structure while allowing, in operation, the energy consumption device to be translated along the groove,
wherein the energy consuming device includes an LED array and a thermal bridge thermally coupled to the LED array, the thermal
bridge urged against the base wall via the magnet so that the thermal bridge is pressed against the base wall with a force
sufficient to provide at least 3 PSI.