US Patent No. 9,214,077


Patent No. 9,214,077
Issue Date December 15, 2015
Title Bio-powered Locator Device
Inventorship Andrew Weiss, San Ramon, CA (US)
Assignee Location Labs, Inc., Emeryville, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,214,077

1. A locator assembly comprising:
an article of wear;
a computerized location sending device embedded in the article of wear, the computerized location sending device including
a communication system for sending data, a GPS system for providing location information to the communication system, and
an accelerometer for providing motion information to the communication system, the computerized location sending device configured
to communicate with a service operator in communication with a user data requesting device, wherein the service operator is
configured to:

obtain user data from the user data sending device;
determine a user motion state of a user wearing the article of wear based on the data from the accelerometer, wherein determining
the user motion state comprises determining a transition from a prior user motion state; and

provide the user data to the user data requesting device in the form of an alert responsive to the transition from the prior
user motion state;

at least one battery connected to the computerized location sending device for powering the location sending device; and
a bio-related electric generator connected to the at least one battery for recharging the at least one battery.