US Patent No. 9,211,054


Patent No. 9,211,054
Issue Date December 15, 2015
Title Endoscope Tip Part And Endoscope
Inventorship Hideyasu Takato, Tokyo (JP)
Yuji Kamo, Tokyo (JP)
Yoshifumi Tsuji, Fukushima (JP)
Assignee Olympus Corporation, Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,211,054

1. An endoscope tip part comprising:
a tip part main body that is attached to a tip of an insertion section of an endoscope; and
a positive-power transparent-plastic tip lens that is integrated with the tip part main body through two-color molding,
wherein the tip lens is a lens that is located closest to an object, among optical elements constituting an illumination optical
system of the endoscope;

the tip part main body is provided with an insertion hole into which two positive-power rear lenses that will be disposed
behind the tip lens are inserted; and

one of the following conditional expression is satisfied:
d is a distance from a tip surface of the tip lens to a surface of one of the rear lenses, closest to a light source; and
f is a focal length of the entire system.