US Patent No. 9,210,634


Patent No. 9,210,634
Issue Date December 08, 2015
Title Interference Information Processing Method And Device
Inventorship Nan Yan, Beijing (CN)
Haitao Li, Beijing (CN)
Assignee China Academy of Telecommunications Technology, Beijing (CN)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,210,634

1. A method for processing interference information, comprising:
determining, by a user terminal, completion of reestablishment of a Radio Resource Control (RRC) connection; and
reporting, by the user terminal, interference indication information to a target cell repeatedly, in a case that the user
terminal has reported the interference indication information before the reestablishment of the RRC connection,

wherein the target cell is a cell among cells to which the user terminal is to connect by the reestablishment of the RRC connection
or is to connect by handover, except a source cell that is currently providing service to the user terminal; and

wherein the interference indication information is information that is used to prevent the user terminal from being switched
to interference frequency bands.