US Patent No. 9,209,002


Patent No. 9,209,002
Issue Date December 08, 2015
Title Geiger-muller Counter Tube And Radiation Measurement Apparatus
Inventorship Toshiaki Takeuchi, Saitama (JP)
Kunio Hamaguchi, Saitama (JP)
Kuichi Kubo, Saitama (JP)
Kozo Ono, Saitama (JP)
Noritoshi Kimura, Saitama (JP)
Assignee NIHON DEMPA KOGYO CO., LTD., Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,209,002

1. A Geiger-Muller counter tube, comprising:
an enclosing tube that is at least partially cylindrical and has a space which is sealed;
an anode conductor, including an anode electrode and a linear first metal lead portion, the anode electrode being arranged
inside the space and formed in a rod shape, the first metal lead portion being connected to the anode electrode and supported
at an end of the enclosing tube;

a cathode conductor, including a cathode electrode in a cylindrical shape and a linear second metal lead portion, the cathode
electrode surrounding a peripheral area of the anode electrode inside the space, the second metal lead portion being connected
to the cathode electrode and supported at the end of the enclosing tube; and

an inert gas and a quenching gas, being sealed inside the space, wherein
the cathode electrode has a side surface through a part of which a through-hole passes;
the cathode electrode is formed in a cylindrical shape with a rectangular metal sheet, and a pair of sides of the metal sheet
facing to be separately spaced, and

the through-hole is a slit formed where the pair of sides of the metal sheet face to be separately spaced.