US Patent No. 9,205,435


Patent No. 9,205,435
Issue Date December 08, 2015
Title Matched Precipitation Rate Rotor-type Sprinkler With Selectable Nozzle Ports
Inventorship Michael L. Clark, San Marcos, CA (US)
Donald M. Sheetz, III, Oceanside, CA (US)
LaMonte D. Porter, San Marcos, CA (US)
Assignee Hunter Industries, Inc., San Marcos, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,205,435

1. An irrigation sprinkler, comprising:
a riser;
a rotatable nozzle turret connected to an upper end of the riser, the nozzle turret comprising:
a first port in the nozzle turret capable of emitting a first stream of water from the sprinkler; and
a second port capable of emitting a second stream of water from the sprinkler;
a diverter valve capable of intermittently shifting between a first valve position and a second valve position, wherein the
diverter valve restricts water flow to the second port when in the first valve position, and wherein the diverter valve permits
water flow to the second port when in the second valve position;

a gear train reduction mounted in the riser and capable of rotating the nozzle turret; and
a turbine coupled to an input shaft of the gear train reduction and rotatable by water flowing through the riser.