US Patent No. 9,203,209


Patent No. 9,203,209
Issue Date December 01, 2015
Title High-power Fiber Laser Employing Nonlinear Wave Mixing With Higher-order Modes
Inventorship Siddharth Ramachandran, Boston, MA (US)
Assignee Trustees of Boston University, Boston, MA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,203,209

1. A fiber laser, comprising:
a higher-order-mode (HOM) fiber, the HOM fiber supporting a plurality of guided modes of propagation including higher-order
modes, the HOM fiber having a predetermined mode-dependent dispersion characteristic defining a zero-dispersion wavelength
for a first higher-order mode, the zero-dispersion wavelength defining a set of respective higher-order modes, wavelengths
and phases of constituent optical signals of a predetermined pattern of nonlinear wave mixing in which at least one of the
constituent optical signals propagates in the first higher-order mode,

an optical signal source having an output coupled to an input point of the HOM fiber and operative to launch a first optical
signal into the HOM fiber, the first optical signal being a first one of the constituent optical signals and producing the
predetermined pattern of nonlinear wave mixing in the HOM fiber; and

an output optical element coupled to an output point of the HOM fiber, the output optical element operative to extract a second
optical signal from the HOM fiber, the second optical signal being a second one of the constituent optical signals and produced
by the pattern of nonlinear wave mixing, the second optical signal propagating in a second higher-order mode of the set of
modes defined by the zero-dispersion wavelength.