US Patent No. 9,197,516


Patent No. 9,197,516
Issue Date November 24, 2015
Title In-service Throughput Testing In Distributed Router/switch Architectures
Inventorship Daniel Lafleur, Kanata (CA)
Alp Dibirdi, Andover, MA (US)
Assignee Alcatel Lucent, Boulogne-Billancourt (FR)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,197,516

1. A method performed by a network device for handling testing frames, the method comprising:
receiving, by the network device, a received frame sent by a sending device;
identifying, by a layer 2 protocol implementation of the network device, the received frame as a testing frame;

generating, by the layer 2 protocol implementation, a response frame based on the testing frame;

identifying, by the layer 2 protocol implementation, a configurable priority level associated with the response frame;

placing the response frame in a priority queue of a plurality of layer 2 priority queues, wherein the priority queue is associated with the configurable priority level; and

transmitting, from the priority queue, the response frame toward the sending device.