US Patent No. 9,197,021


Patent No. 9,197,021
Issue Date November 24, 2015
Title Micro Sim Card Socket
Inventorship Sung Hyuk Joo, Ansan (KR)
Assignee Molex, LLC, Lisle, IL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,197,021

1. A micro SIM card socket, the micro SIM card socket comprising:
an insulative housing and a metal shell supported by the housing, the metal shell and housing cooperatively defining a card-receiving
slot for a micro SIM card, the housing further including a plurality of terminal-receiving cavities disposed therein within
the housing card-receiving slot; and

a plurality of first and second conductive terminals extending lengthwise in the housing, each of the first and second terminals
including a tail portion and a contact portion interconnected by an intervening horizontal body portion, the terminal tail
portions being configured for mounting to a printed circuit board, the terminal contact portions being disposed in the terminal-receiving
cavities, and the terminal horizontal body portions being coupled to the housing such that the terminal contact portions can
deflect under pressure of a micro SIM card inserted into the card-receiving slot;

wherein the first terminals have a first length and the second terminals have a second length, the first length being greater
than the second length, the first terminal horizontal body portions including a widthwise offset and the second terminals
extending lengthwise within the first terminal horizontal body portion offsets, front ends of the terminal body portions of
the first and second terminals having a U-shaped configuration in a horizontal plane when viewed from above and at least partially
defining the terminal contact portions, the terminal contact portions including sloped portions that extend upward in a front
to rear direction with respect to the housing and which terminate in contact ends of the terminals.