US Patent No. 9,193,447


Patent No. 9,193,447
Issue Date November 24, 2015
Title Landing Gear With Noise Reduction Apparatus
Inventorship Leung Choi Chow, Bristol (GB)
Christopher Neil Wood, Congleton (GB)
Philip Campbell, Stockport (GB)
Assignee Airbus Operations Limited, Bristol (GB)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,193,447

1. An aircraft landing gear assembly comprising:
a landing gear arranged to be moveable between a stowed position and a deployed position, wherein the landing gear assembly
includes landing gear structure carrying aircraft landing loads, said structure including at least one void having a volume,
and where the at least one void is defined at least in part by two walls in the structure, each wall having an edge defining
at least in part a rim of the at least one void; and

a removably mounted cover plate that substantially overlies and closes off the at least one void, wherein the removably mounted
cover plate extends to the two walls or over the edges of the two walls, and wherein the cover plate covers the void without
filling a majority of the volume of the at least one void.