US Patent No. 9,187,129


Patent No. 9,187,129
Issue Date November 17, 2015
Title Vehicle Body Mount
Inventorship Dragan Stojkovic, Southgate, MI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,187,129

1. A body mount assembly for use in coupling a cab to a frame of a vehicle, the body mount assembly comprising:
a cross member comprising aluminum and having a longitudinal axis and a rectangular cross-section generally perpendicular
to the longitudinal axis and defining an inner passage, the cross member including a first outer surface portion and a second
oppositely disposed outer surface portion, wherein each of the first surface portion and the second surface portion respectively
include first and second openings that are aligned with one another, further wherein each of the first and second openings
is in communication with the inner passage; and

a collar comprising aluminum and having an inner, generally cylindrically shaped portion defining a center axis and a first
collar passage that includes the center axis, the collar further having an outer portion also defining the center axis, the
collar further including a plurality of walls interconnecting the inner portion and the outer portion,

wherein the collar is located in the inner passage of the cross member and the first collar passage aligned with the first
and second surface openings of the first and second cross member surface openings.