US Patent No. 9,184,520


Patent No. 9,184,520
Issue Date November 10, 2015
Title Electrical Connector
Inventorship Chih-Peng Fan, Taoyuan County (TW)
Yin-Hwa Cheng, Taipei (TW)
Ching-Ho Hsieh, Taoyuan County (TW)
Ling-Kai Su, Taoyuan County (TW)
Yung-Hao Hsueh, Taoyuan County (TW)
Assignee Unimicron Technology Corp., Taoyuan (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,184,520

1. An electrical connector, suitable for contacting a contact and comprising:
a base, having a recess;
an elastic terminal, connected to the base and extending to the recess, wherein the elastic terminal has a fixed end and a
free end, the fixed end is connected to the base, and the free end is located at the recess and is curved; and

a contact protrusion, connected to the elastic terminal and located at the free end, wherein when the contact moves towards
the recess, the contact is capable of pushing the elastic terminal to bend towards a bottom surface of the recess so that
the free end leans against the bottom surface of the recess.