US Patent No. 9,178,929


Patent No. 9,178,929
Issue Date November 03, 2015
Title Client-side Class-of-service-based Bandwidth Management In Over-the-top Video Delivery
Inventorship Kevin J. Ma, Nashua, NH (US)
Assignee ERICSSON AB, Stockholm (SE)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,178,929

1. A method by which a client device retrieves content from a content delivery network, comprising:
downloading the content as a series of segments encoded at respective bitrates, the bitrates selected from a set of distinct
bitrates at which the content is encoded for downloading from the content delivery network; and

pacing the downloading in accordance with a class of service for the client device, the class of service having an associated
abort timeout increasing with higher classes of service, the pacing including:

downloading a segment encoded at a first bitrate and monitoring for the earlier of completing the downloading or aborting
the downloading based on the abort timeout;

upon the downloading being aborted, calculating a first backoff duration as a remainder of a playback interval and waiting
the first backoff duration before re-initiating download of the same segment encoded at a second bitrate less than the first
bitrate; and

upon the downloading completing, calculating a second backoff duration and waiting the second backoff duration before initiating
download of a next segment encoded at either the first bitrate or at a third bitrate greater than the first bitrate.