US Patent No. 9,169,944


Patent No. 9,169,944
Issue Date October 27, 2015
Title Valve-in Head Irrigation Sprinkler With Service Valve
Inventorship Richard M. Dunn, Carlsbad, CA (US)
Santo Uccello, San Marcos, CA (US)
Assignee Hunter Industries, Inc., San Marcos, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 9,169,944

1. An irrigation sprinkler, comprising:
an outer housing having an inlet at a lower end thereof;
a riser mounted inside the outer housing for vertical reciprocation through an opening in an upper end of the outer housing;
a nozzle mounted in an upper end of the riser for ejecting a stream of water;
a main valve mounted in the lower end of the outer housing for controlling the flow of water through the inlet;
a pilot valve operatively coupled to the main valve for turning the main valve ON and OFF;
a solenoid operatively coupled to the pilot valve for opening and closing the pilot valve; and
a service valve operatively coupled between the main valve and the pilot valve and manually actuable from an AUTO state to
allow normal operation of the sprinkler and to an OFF state to allow repair or replacement of the pilot valve or solenoid
without having to manually shut OFF a supply valve that is coupled to the inlet of the outer housing through a supply pipe.